Cashmere Girl Lashes


These iconic show stopping fur like lashes are double the volume half the weight of any other lash on the market.  Enabling lash techs to add more volume and length with maximum retention for their clients!

  • Double the volume
  • Half the weight of any other lash
  • One Second Fanning Time
  • Feathered Tips
  • Flat ended for Double Retention


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C Curl 8mm 0.7, C Curl 9mm 0.7, C Curl 10mm 0.7, C Curl 11mm 0.7, C Curl 12mm 0.7, C Curl 13mm 0.7, D Curl 8mm 0.7, D Curl 9mm 0.7, D Curl 10mm 0.7, D Curl 11mm 0.7, D Curl 12mm 0.7, D Curl 13mm 0.7, Mixed Tray C Curl 8-13mm 0.7, C Curl 8mm 0.20, C Curl 9mm 0.20, C Curl 10mm 0.20, C Curl 11mm 0.20, C Curl 12mm 0.20, C Curl 13mm 0.20, Mixed Tray C Curl 8-13mm 0.20